Over Yonder opens for late-night food in Savannah’s Starland neighborhood


Put on your hat and ring your spurs to Over Yonder, Starland’s newest restaurant and watering hole.

Tucked away behind Moodright’s and down the lane of the Lone Wolf Lounge, this low-key but finely appointed honky tonk spot serves handcrafted cocktails and coastal cowboy cuisine – dishes meant to fuel and soothe more than a late night’s nightmare. Savannah hi-jinx.

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“For Over Yonder, the menu is what you might call thoughtful stoner food, or thoughtful fast food with alcohol,” said David Eduardo, senior business partner of the new venture.

The Over Yonder is a friendly neighborhood bar for everyone.

“We want to be a late night option for locals as well as visitors ordering take out.”

Think sophisticated bar fare featuring a range of palettes, perfect for soaking up the aftermath of those too-city antics. There’s a banh mi lettuce tofu wrap for vegans and vegetarians, a southern fried chicken cookie made from scratch, and a decadent crayfish etouffee poutine.

There’s even a version of the legendary Elvis Gold Sandwich.

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“The story goes, Elvis took his friends on his jet from Memphis to Denver one night to buy some crazy gold sandwiches,” Eduardo intoned.

“Someone delivered them and they sat on the plane for a few hours eating hollowed-out chopsticks filled with a pound of bacon, a pound of peanut butter and a pound of grape jelly and blueberry. They washed him with Yellow Coors Bellies, then returned to Memphis. “

Moodright's has added a new bar and venue space called Over Yonder.

Savannah and Athens team up for new venture

Over Yonder started when Eduardo, who also owns The World Famous in Athens, stopped by Moodright’s on the day it opened in 2019. He met owners Chris Moody and Stewart Wainright and asked them if they had anything to eat. . Moodright’s didn’t serve any food, but the guys hit it off and quickly became friends.

Moody and Wainright invited Eduardo a few months later to present some of his culinary offerings. Eduardo returned on Halloween weekend with a small team from Athens serving a limited menu on Moodright’s porch.

The food was exhausted, people wanted more. The new friends knew it was time to start a business together.

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Over Yonder is rolling headfirst in live music this weekend. With a stage large enough for a trio, they mostly tour for solo and duo acts. Athens singer-songwriters

T. Hardy Morris and Caleb Darnell open the Over Yonder stage on Friday June 25 as part of the HalfAth Music Festival.

Over Yonder Bar features stage and ranch themed décor.  The bar also accepts pets.

Sponsored in part by Eduardo’s World Famous, HalfAth brings artists from Athens to Savannah for a two-day festival on the stages of Ships of the Sea, El-Rocko and Over Yonder.

For most of these musicians, the festival is the first time it has performed in public since the start of the pandemic. For headliner Mariah Parker, aka Lingua Franqa, HalfAth is her first comeback since March 2020.

Parker, who is not just a doctor of linguistics. UGA candidate, but also Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, is delighted to be back in Savannah. She’s ready to hit hard with her smoky, socially conscious rhythms and rhymes.

For Parker, the circle has come full circle since his show last spring at Stopover.

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“Kudos to David for bringing us all together,” Parker said. “I played my first show at World Famous in 2016 at a time when hip hop was frowned upon in Athens. He has always supported my music and his message. I’m releasing a new album in late 2021, maybe early 2022, and the show will be my first time sharing this new music and playing this year.

Parker uses her music and her gift for the language as a community organizer, giving hip hop lessons in school and showing young people how to express important political ideas in rhythm and verse. She performs at the El-Rocko Lounge on Saturdays at 10 p.m.

Visual video

Athens’ synth / rock / goth favorite, Vision Video, hits Ships of the Sea on Friday night. When he’s not fighting fires and saving lives in Metro Atlanta, Dustin Gannon is the band’s voice and guitar captain. Gannon is all about the show and HalfAth marks the group’s second performance since last spring.

“It’s the start of a very tough end to the year,” Gannon said.

“HalfAth is the light in the tunnel, and I think our music lends itself to the soul of Savannah. We are scary, gothic, The Cure and Joy Division. Dark, dancing fun, which we all need right now.


What: over there

O: 2424 Abercorn Street, located next to Moodright’s


WHAT: HalfAth Music Festival

WHEN: Friday and Saturday at different times

O: Over Yonder, El-Rocko Lounge and Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

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