Nigeria too fractured for inexperienced leader, says Okowa

Delta State Governor and Peoples Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Ifeanyi Okowa said on Friday that with the challenges plaguing the country, only experienced people should be elected in the presidential election of 2023 to run the affairs of the country.

Okowa, who described Nigeria as a fractured state, said the problems the country would face would overwhelm Buhari’s successor if he was inexperienced.

Speaking at an event organized by Green Assembly Initiative, to mark International Youth Day 2022 in Abuja, he added that the next Nigerian President should be someone who can save the country.

He said: “The way we look at what is happening today in Nigeria, there are a lot of issues. And if we don’t elect the right person, we’ll end up with someone who gets in the seat and gets confused in that seat because the problems will overwhelm him because he won’t know where to start.

“Nigeria’s problems are not about communication. It’s not about power because all those things are there. It is not easy to govern in this country, where the rule of law is self-evident because the institutions are already functioning. When you work in a country like Nigeria and other West African countries where the issues are different, it takes a lot of deep thinking, it takes a lot of positive experiences that can really enable you to govern and to be able make everyone on the table reason and be inclusive in the governance process and in the policy-making process.

Lamenting that Nigerian unity is being threatened by opposing voices, Okowa said, “People are talking in different directions. Our unity is threatened. Why? Not because of North or South, Muslims and Christians, but because there is frustration everywhere, there is poverty everywhere. We don’t seem to have the answers because everything seems to be deteriorating.

“And then the question of social security is no longer there. Security on the territory is deteriorating, our economy is in a sorry state. We cannot continue in this state. We need to prioritize our priorities. We have to keep looking at the right things, which we have to do,”

The Governor, who criticized the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Retired) for not embracing the state police despite the high level of insecurity in the country, added, “Regarding the request for security. You will hear various voices, even the governors are crying and they have started equipping themselves with weapons, even illegally.

“There are barriers everywhere in our lives, we cannot continue to frustrate young people. So we have to start a consensus together. This is what Atiku Abubakar represents.

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