Newsmakers: Henderson Encourages Positivity in ‘Activate Your Inner Shark’

10:00 AM | Saturday, October 22, 2022

Golden Valley resident Ron Henderson encourages positive thinking in his ninth book, “Activate Your Inner Shark.”

“My book is about the process by which everyone becomes the best version of themselves,” Henderson said. “When you stage yourself correctly, you activate the inner shark within you and you can become a predator of positivity.”

Ron Henderson has written his ninth book, which is available on Amazon.

Henderson says that self-staging, much like how you stage a home to look its best, requires changing your outlook and emotions so that you are no longer controlled by actions and the words of others. Henderson says people should practice not reacting to triggers in a negative way.

“That’s what I call self-staging. So if something irritates you, acknowledge it for what it is. It’s an irritation, but you don’t have to be negative about it,” Henderson said. “Just like you catch a fish. Catch it and let it go. You don’t let it consume you so you can continue to have a great day.

Henderson crafted his message from life experience and drew on his experience as a personal trainer.

You can find more of Henderson’s message in his book, which is available on Amazon.

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