Namibia: Magogoz meets –


AFTER breaking up in 2018 and pursuing a solo career, the members of the famous Magogoz quartet recently reunited.

The boy group released their new song, ‘Hallo Baby’, on June 18.

The official music video for the song, shot by Optimistic Media, was released on YouTube the day before.

Magogoz consists of Toto Ndameshime (Chubby Beats), Sion Mushinga (Makuva), Shafa Oscar (Shoza) and Bobby Oscar (Bobby WVDK).

After the band split, Makuva and Shoza continued to make music and released “Unfinished Business” in 2019.

The 13-track album featured artists such as King Tee Dee, Kp Illest and D-Jay.

Hit songs included “Iinima Ishona”, “Stay” and “Weekend Special”.

“We realized that our music was fading and we wanted to bring something new. We also felt that something was missing in the industry, and that was us, our music,” said Mushinga.

The group has been working on their new project since early January.

“The message of our new song is that we have found our purpose in life, that we are now grown up and back for good,” Mushinga says.

The group also plans to release a new album titled ‘The Originals’ at the end of next month.

“Our new album brings a local and urban feel with a really strong message, telling people that no matter what, everyone deserves a fair chance,” he says.

Mushinga says that since the group broke up there have been many changes.

Chubby and Bobby WVDK left the band to pursue solo careers. They both managed to launch albums and clothing lines. Chubby continued with other ventures, such as starting up Chubby Water and Chilli Chilatoz sauces. Bobby WVDK also launched his own clothing line, called WVDK wear, and a record label, Deep Entertainment, ”he says.

Bobby Oscar says the group has been discussing a reunion since 2020.

During his solo career, he released two hip-hop albums and studied media.

“We thought it was a good time to come together again. Everyone has refueled and found their own purpose in life… Everyone is delighted to meet again,” Oscar said.

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