Moonstone brings positivity into life; know the benefits and how to wear it


moon stone

Moonstone is the gemstone that derives its properties from the Moon. It indicates positivity, new growth and peace of mind. Moonstone, also known as Chandrakant, is part of the feldspar group which symbolizes beauty. It holds mystical and remarkable properties to bring calm, peace and balance in life while raising the standard of living of its bearer. It is a semi-precious stone or upratna for pearls. Moonstone is best suited for the zodiac sign, Cancer. He is considered the master healer for women. He works to improve the quality of Cancerians, especially those who are loyal and attached to their family.

how to wear moonstone

Moonstone should be worn on Monday nights, in the little finger of the working hand (Not specifically on the right or left, the hand you typically write with). Before wearing it, you should always consult your astrologer as the moonstone should be washed with holy water (Gangajal), fresh milk and enchanted with the mantra. ALSO READ: Horoscope Today, April 8 (Navratri Day 7): Best day for Pisces, Aries; Know the other signs of the zodiac

Found all over the world, moonstone is considered a divine gem by the Romans and Greeks who associated it with their gods and goddesses. People have associated moonstones with fertility, love, protection, and unity.

Benefits of Wearing Moonstone

The powerful stone offers countless benefits and is an affordable gemstone on the market. As it governs the mental and emotional state of a person, the gemstone is considered the most valuable in astrology. Read also: Chaitra Navratri 2022: Ruby to Emerald, 9 gems for 9 days of festival

  • Aid in spiritual growth
  • Improves positivity and peace of mind
  • Helps with self-healing and inner peace, balance
  • Helps reduce the aggressive side.
  • Brings peace and stability to those who are aggressive, impulsive and insensitive.
  • Helps get rid of problems related to digestion, eliminates water retention and toxins
  • Balances emotions and makes you feel confident and impressive
  • Provides relief from menstrual problems and reduces obesity.
  • Makes you fearless and gives you strength to overcome problems
  • Opens new businesses for business growth and new job opportunities

Types of moonstone

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