Moldova believes ‘mining’ and ‘independence for Transnistria’ can be prelude to invasion of Russian Federation

Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Oleg Serebrian believes that the wave of false reports about the mining of important facilities in the country, as well as statements by representatives of “Transnistria” about the desire to reunite with Russia, could be the prelude to a military operation of the Russian Federation.

Serebrian expressed this opinion in an interview with The temperature.

On July 22, Transnistria’s so-called foreign minister Vitaly Ignatiev announced his intention to integrate the unrecognized republic into Russia, coinciding with the start of reports of the alleged mining.

“It’s a clear provocation – the idea that they (Transnistria) should be independent is old, but that they should join Russia was unexpected. This is the first time they’ve said this. The war in Ukraine means that we fear that this is not just a declaration, but a kind of prelude to an operation in Moldova,” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova.

He added that Moldova “will do everything to avoid a military confrontation, but it does not depend 100% on Chisinau.”

“We have been surprised, some local politicians have been tense in recent weeks, we are worried that there is some synergy between ‘mining’, the new rhetoric from Gagauzia, the new more aggressive rhetoric from Tiraspol – we believe that there is a connection between them,” Oleg Serebrian added.

Commenting on the statements of Ukrainian officials on possible assistance for the liberation of “Transnistria”, the representative of the Moldovan government stressed that no official proposals had been received and that, if this happened, they would be rejected.

“Moldova is a neutral country, so there should be no foreign armies on its territory. The priority is the withdrawal of Russian forces,” he said.

As noted, Moldova will turn to Romania for help if the conflict in Ukraine spills over into its territory and relations with the Russian Federation worsen.

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