Michelle Stafford of Young & Restless: Message / Photos for Her Sixth Birthday Son Jameson


“Oh, mom! You can just imagine him saying. But kid, the photos are too precious to keep for her!

Over the weekend, half of the cast of The young and the restless wished Michelle Stafford’s son (Phyllis) a happy birthday. Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Bryton James (Devon), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Melissa Ordway (Abby)… And that was just to start.

But without a doubt, the sweetest homage to the tyke has come from Stafford herself. “Happy birthday, little boy!” she has posted a series of incredibly adorable photos of her son on Instagram over the years. “You are my golden boy. You are golden light! So smart, fun and crazy all the time. It’s a great combination.

“May you still have love and Legos in your life,” she added. “And of course, make Hot Wheels your best meal ever …”

Questionable. (Rough on chompers.) But hey, we can’t say we haven’t done that too. In conclusion, the Daytime Emmy winner said the obvious. “I love you more than ice cream and chocolate,” she exclaimed, “combined”.

Mom later dropped a Halloween photo in which she and her daughter Natalia were “celebrating the birthday boy.” Fangs for that!

On this festive occasion, if you want to get your Phyl, so to speak, check out the photo gallery below, a collection of highlights from the vampire’s epic life in Genoa.

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