Mentoring makes life’s hardships more manageable


For those who grew up with positive adult role models, it’s easy to take for granted how much easier life is when you have someone to turn to for answers and advice.

But what happens when no one is around to explain how to sign up for utilities or a bank account? Anyone to warn about the effect compound interest can have on a loan, or to help put together the paperwork needed to apply for a job or for student loans? No one to help celebrate a birthday or think about the next step to chasing a dream?

This month’s episode of Find Your Cause focuses on the value of mentoring, both individually and to the community. As this month’s profiles and essays show, the needs are many, as well as many rewards for those who want to invest their time and attention.

If any of this month’s stories motivate you to get involved, we’ve got a list of ways to be a mentor, as well as resources for those who need a little guidance and support.

If you like what you’re reading or think of another story we should pursue, let us know via email at And be sure to catch up on previous Find Your Cause installments:

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Amos Bridges is the editor of the News-Leader. He can be reached at 417-836-1170, or on Twitter @AmosBridgesNL.

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