Maurice Benard of General Hospital / Eric Braeden of Young & Restless Dance Off

It would be the battle of the century.

When general hospitalMaurice Benard (Sonny) released his last episode of State of mind with All My Children vet JR Martinez (Brot), he celebrated Dancing with the stars winning by performing a few funky moves.

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The actor’s co-stars weighed in right away, with Laura Wright (Carly) declaring him “amazing” and Maura West (Ava) calling him “a lovely jerk.”

Benard invited West to dance with him, then stopped by, “Actually, I think we danced together at a party.” In fact, he recalls, it was one of his own parties!

“We did,” West replied. “And I also danced with your brother. Good memories!”

Check out Benard’s moves in the clip below. Indeed, they were slick enough to not only grab the attention of her co-stars…but her fellow stars of the day as well! It didn’t take long to The young and the restless‘ Eric Braeden weigh in with lots of laughs. And that sparked the exchange that almost immediately had us plotting!

“Just for you, Eric,” Benard tweeted at Braeden, who did more than his share of dancing as he took the Tik Tok world by storm with his own moves. “OK, we can let Stephen A. Smith in,” he added of the ESPN reporter and general hospital fan.

The three sports enthusiasts share a special bond, with Smith even making recurring appearances in Port Charles as the mob Brick tech expert. And Benard and Braeden, he told a delightfully surprised Maria Menounos in the clip below, are two of his best friends.

Braeden wasn’t necessarily against letting their pal have some fun dancing…but he didn’t think it would go over well for the two soap stars.

“He will surpass us in the dance,” exclaimed Victor’s portrait painter. “It’s a young, male, Maurice!

That was all Benard needed to hear, however, before he threw down the gauntlet.

“Let’s go dancing,” he tweeted back, making his fellow daytime star laugh once more.

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OK, OK, laughing might be the best response to an idea like this, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it to happen! Both daytime actors are masters of social media, so whether it’s virtual or in person, we want to see that! Although watching the two legends of the day face off with Smith right next door would be about as amazing as it gets!

This dance battle may be more than a little ironic, but if there’s one thing that soap operas thrive on, it’s sworn enemies that get away with it! So while you’re here, we thought we’d put together a gallery of 10 of the most epic male feuds of all time. Is it any surprise that both Sonny and Victor make the list?

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