Lily Winters shouldn’t need approval for the young and the restless

The Young and the Restless has given Lily Winters an important and high-level position as CEO of Chancellor Enterprises. Although not yet tested, Lily took the job with Jill Abbott’s full support. However, we couldn’t help but notice that she also seemed to need Billy Abbott’s approval, which struck us as all sorts of wrong.

The Young and the Restless Keep Lily Dependent on Billy

Lily (Christel Khalil) has had her triumphant first day at her new job. But, of course, she spent a lot of time trying to make Billy (Jason Thompson) a COO, too. Sure, it was weird going to her old ChancComm office as the Chancellor’s CEO, but Jill (Jess Walton) managed to secure the entire building for the company, so why not use what? they have (or the whole Y&R had)?

The Young and the Restless has created a lot of buildup to date. At first, Lily had qualms running such a large company, given her limited business experience. This is undoubtedly a huge change from her post-prison work with underprivileged women and her previous modeling experience.

However, Jill trusted Lily and she took the job. Finally, after weeks of preparation, Lily gave her big company-wide speech (off-screen – surprise!), and Billy congratulated her on it. It would have been a nice end to his day.

Application for approval

However, instead of accepting his praise, Lily asked for his approval. She asked Billy aloud if that was really a good presentation. We understand that Lily has some reservations about her new role. However, it would be wonderful to see Lily as a powerful woman who doesn’t have to ask Billy’s opinion about her actions.

We appreciate Billy’s support for Lily, but we’d like to see her own her power and wield it for good in the Chancellor. Lily shouldn’t need to qualify what she does.

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