Katherine McNamara praises one of her Walker Independence co-stars

From the jump into the pilot, fans immediately picked up on the banter between Matt Barr’s Hoyt Rawlins and McNamara’s Abby Walker. On whether or not this playful rivalry spilled over into real life with Barr, McNamara said, “Matt is the kindest, sweetest, most enthusiastic human I may have ever met. , and that comes from someone who is generally an incredibly enthusiastic person as well.”

With two fun actors like Barr and McNamara, it’s no surprise the duo immediately clicked. “Matt and I first met on Zoom during my chemistry reading for the show, and instantly it was a wonderful feeling because I connected with him instantly. I was like, ‘You know what? He is someone I could and would love to work with for many years,” she added. “He’s been the best partner anyone could ask for in building a show family and building the western world. He really is a lovely human being.”

And while this iteration of Hoyt is different from Barr’s “Walker” character, McNamara is sure fans will love Hoyt 2.0. McNamara explained, “Hoyt Rawlins fans are definitely going to see a lot of the Hoyt they know and love in this other iteration of Hoyt. There’s another side to him that might be unexpected.” So, could Abby and Hoyt have a romantic arc? McNamara offered a vague “We’ll see.” Well, that’s not a no.

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