Kate Linder celebrates 40 years as Esther

The young and the restless created many iconic characters, including Esther Valentine (Kate Linder). Since 1982, Esther has captured the hearts of the public. Now fans are taking a trip down memory lane as Linder celebrates a special milestone.

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Kate Linder celebrates her 40th birthday with “The Young and the Restless”

On April 8, 1982, Linder made her debut as Esther on The young and the restless. Esther has been hired as the new maid for Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). While the role was supposed to last one day, Linder impressed producers and fans alike. In no time, she became a staple of the series and received her storylines.

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Linder’s portrayal of the caring and humorous maid instantly made her a fan favorite. Recently, Linder celebrated its 40th anniversary with the soap in a big way. The cast and crew threw a party for the beloved actor. But the biggest honor came from the Hollywood Museum, which displayed Esther’s maid uniform and feather duster.

Reflecting on her historic run, Linder admits, “Sometimes I can’t believe it’s real.”

Esther Valentine’s Memorable Moments Over the Decades

Esther was not only Katherine’s maid but became her friend on The young and the restless. She was a loyal and supportive confidante of Mrs. C, and the two women got into trouble. They’ve been through a lot, from being kidnapped to battling Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) for the Chancellor mansion. One of their most iconic scenes is when Esther gives birth on the stairs and Katherine helps deliver.

In 2008, Esther was reunited with her daughter Kate, now known as Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Esther and Jill became in-laws when Chloe gave birth to Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) daughter, Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). However, tragedy struck in 2013 when Delia was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

But that’s not the only tragedy Esther faces. She and the rest of Genoa City mourn Katherine’s death in August 2013. Katherine’s death came three months after Cooper’s death. Linder and Cooper’s real-life friendship was just as strong as Esther and Katherine’s.

In a chat with Soaps.com, Linder says she still feels Cooper’s presence with her. “I can hear it today; I hear him in my head say, ‘Really! 40 years.'”

What does Kate Linder want to see next for her character?

After Katherine’s death, Esther remained on The young and the restless. Mrs. C made sure that Esther was taken care of; in her will, she gave her friend a huge salary on the condition that she continue to work at the Chancellor’s mansion.

Esther honored Katherine’s wishes but ultimately quit when Chloe and Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) left the mansion. Esther’s days are filled with being Bella and Miles Fisher’s grandmother. Although Esther is not seen much, she still pops up for a cameo appearance.

As for potential storylines for the former maid, Linder has some ideas. “I always thought it would be really interesting if Esther went to work at maybe Chance Comm or Chancellor Industries or something because people would think Esther could never do that.”

Wondering if Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) has a job offer for Esther?

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