Kashmiri police shoot dead man who killed BJP chief and his family last year


Kashmiri police said on Sunday they killed the man who shot dead three family members, all linked to the BJP, in July last year. The meeting took place in the district of Bandipora, in the north of Kashmir.

Police said two activists were killed during the meeting, including the man responsible for the death of a member of the BJP state executive committee, the late Sheikh Waseem Bari, his father the late Sheikh Bashir Ahmad and his father. brother the late Sheikh Umar. The attack occurred just outside the Bandipore police station as the three men were in the family store running from their home.

The high-profile killings in a walled area have come as a shock to the security establishment, especially since Bandipore has been relatively calm in recent years.

Bari had been associated with the BJP for over four years and was previously chairman of the party’s Bandipore district unit. Kashmir IGP Vijay Kumar said the three men were shot dead by unidentified men.

Death of the leader of the BJP, his two members of his avenged family: Ravinder Raina

Jammu and Kashmir BJP President Ravinder Raina on Sunday said the killings of a party leader and his relatives were avenged, as he praised security forces for neutralizing two activists, including the one was involved in the Bandipora triple murder last year.

In July last year, BJP chief Sheikh Waseem Bari, his brother Umar Sultan and his father Bashir Ahmad Sheikh were killed by terrorists outside their store near the Bandipora police station. After the meeting in Bandipora, northern Kashmir on Sunday, police in the Kashmir area tweeted: “The killer of the late BJP leader Waseem Bari, his father and brother # killed in the # meeting. Further details will follow.

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