Kansas City Utilities Make Changes To Keep Power On

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Kansas City experiences warmer-than-normal temperatures, which is the opposite of what much of the country experienced in February.

In February 2021, we experienced freezing temperatures that impacted the country’s energy and thermal supply. On February 16 alone, more than 270,000 Evergy customers in the Kansas City area lost power. This was when gradual blackouts occurred in the Kansas City area from 7 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

The South-west energy pool, the organization that controls the power grid of more than a dozen states, has put IPL, Evergy and other companies on emergency orders to reduce electricity use.

The companies also said the Southwest Power Pool gave them “a matter of minutes” to make the necessary changes.

This year, Independence said its utilities and other members of the Southwest Power Pool are taking steps to prepare differently for this winter.

First off, Independence Power & Light said it has winterized its gear better this fall to make sure it’s ready for extremely cold weather. IPL said it, and other members of the Southwest Power Pool, have also invested more in wind, solar and other energy options so that companies do not primarily rely on a single source of energy.

Members of the power pool are also making efforts to communicate better about fuel supplies. They also plan to coordinate outages and make sure the outages are as short as possible.

Power companies also suggest repairing drafty windows and doors instead of waiting for winter temperatures to arrive.

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