Japanese man diagnosed with restless anal syndrome


It has been almost two years since Covid-19 debuted and scientists are still studying the impact of SARS-CoV-2 leaves on various organs in the body. In the latter case, a 77-year-old Japanese man, who recovered from Covid-19, was found to have ‘restless anal syndrome’.

His case report was published in BMC Infectious Diseases. It was found that several weeks after the man was found to be free from the virus and was released from the hospital, he began to experience deep, restless anal discomfort, about 10 cm from the perineal region. Exercise such as walking or running relieved the symptoms somewhat, while rest made them worse. In addition, the symptom tended to worsen during the evening. The patient also had to take sleeping pills.

After ruling out a variety of illnesses using diagnostic tests, doctors concluded that he was the first man in the world to experience restless anal syndrome after Covid-19. It is a variant of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). It results from a dysfunction of the central nervous system causing both sensory and motor symptoms.

This case fulfilled four essential characteristics of restless legs syndrome – wanting to move, worsening with rest, improvement with exercise, and worsening at night. The report may reflect the associative impacts of Covid-19 on a patient’s neuropsychiatric state, the review observed.

Reported neuropsychiatric manifestations of Covid-19 have included delirium, confessional states, dysfunctional olfaction and taste sensation, acute psychosis, encephalitis, and acute cerebrovascular events. However, understanding of the neuropsychiatric changes associated with the disease remains at an early stage.

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