Independence Pro Wrestling returns Sunday with a show in Grand Rapids



COMSTOCK PARK, Michigan – By the end of 2019, Independence Pro Wrestling had taken a serious step forward by hosting monthly events in Kalamazoo.

“It started to gain momentum and we sold it in December,” said Josh Raymond, owner / developer of IPW. “Everything was going well and we were growing up and our last show was March 14, literally, the last Saturday that it all ended.”

After 15 months of hiatus, IPW returned two weeks ago with a show at Paw Paw.

“It’s like starting over for sure,” Raymond said. “I’m glad we had fans, but we’ve definitely lost a fan base, I think people are still nervous about going out. We still have a loyal fan base that always comes out, but we lost at least half of them that were pretty consistent. “

They have a show scheduled for this Sunday at Battle Grand Rapids in Comstock Park called Road to Glory with seven games scheduled.

“We would like to have a few hundred people, 200 people would be great,” Raymond said. “That’s three basketball courts if we can fill it.”

IPW features the best unsigned professional wrestlers in the Midwest and has already sent people up the ranks at places like WWE NXT, Ring of Honor, and Impact.

One of the headliners on this week’s show is a local product.

“We have a local guy by the name of Jimmy Jacobs,” Raymond said. “Jimmy Jacobs is from Grand Rapids, has traveled all over the world, has been a WWE writer, multiple Ring of Honor tag team champion, wrestled in all the big companies.”

The event starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday and all ages are welcome.

“We are a family class,” Raymond said. “We’re not G-rated, but we’re PG-rated. It’s pro wrestling, but you’re not going to bleed all over the place or anything like that, it’s a fun family event.”

Children 12 and under enter for $ 10, general admission is $ 20, and front row seats are $ 25.



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