Independence Day, 10 curiosities about the film with Will Smith [LISTA]

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum on Independence Day

Tonight on TV at 8:59 p.m. on 20 Mediaset will air Independence Daythe movie with Will Smith released in 1996 and has become such an icon.

The film tells one of the many topos of science fiction: the extraterrestrial invasion with warlike intentions. Independence Day, in fact, is about exactly that.

An alien invasion that wants to destroy the Earth also thanks to its own technology, but which must come up against the heroism of human beings, led by the president played by Bill Pullman.

On the occasion of the television broadcast, we have decided to share with you some curiosities about Roland Emmerich’s film.

Independence Day: curiosity

Secrets of Area 51

According to the producer and co-writer Dean Devlinthe US government had agreed to support the film by allowing the crew to shoot on certain military bases.

In addition, they were also made available to the military as “consultants”. However, after discovering the references to the mysterious Area 51 in the script, the government backed down.

Improv Monsters

Still according to Dean Devlin, most of the scenes that Jeff Goldblum which he shared with Judd Hirsh and Will Smith were not in the script, but were the result of a great art of improvisation.

“What’s that stench?”

About an hour after watching Independence Day, there’s a scene where Will Smith’s character drags the unconscious body of an alien. The scene in question was filmed in Great Salt Lake, Utah.

The line spoken by Will Smith, referring to a bad smell, was not present in the script.

The truth is that the Great Salt Lake is home to small crustaceans which, when they die, sink to the bottom of the lake and decompose.

When the wind blows the right way, the silt on the seabed is disturbed and the smell of millions of these rotting or already decomposed crustaceans fills the air with a real smell. But no one had warned Will Smith.

Independence Day like Jurassic Park

Shortly after the stroke of the second hour of Independence Day Jeff Goldblum used one of his most famous lines of jurassic park“We have to go faster, we have to go faster”.

The phrase was spoken with more or less the same intensity used in Spielberg’s film.

Independence Day and Morse Code

According to a study done on the film’s soundtrack, the rhythm of the drums heard during the invasion at the start of the film is in Morse code and spells the letters DIE, die.

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