IDEMIA Top Leader in NIST flight boarding simulation featuring high precision algorithms


RESTON, Virginia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity, today announced that the company has placed second for passenger identification in the latest National Institute of Standards (NIST) tests, confirming that the technology and IDEMIA’s facial recognition algorithms are among the most accurate, fair and consistent on the market.

The test focuses on “identification for paperless travel and immigration” and is part of the ongoing Supplier Facial Recognition Test (FRVT) administered by NIST. The exercise simulated departing flights, filling photo galleries of 420 travelers arriving at the airport, then measuring accuracy by performing departing photo searches. IDEMIA’s technology has completed 536 simulated aircraft boardings, without suffering a single false negative, resulting in a safe and frictionless boarding experience for passengers.

As a market leader, IDEMIA’s technologies are based on more than 30 years of expertise in deep learning and artificial intelligence and we consider it our responsibility to bring this expertise to the everyday traveler, ensuring the safety of passengers around the world. The results of NIST confirm the robustness of our technologies vis-à-vis the management of different demographics. IDEMIA’s facial recognition technology achieves the most accurate results and provides a key competitive advantage when managing complex scenarios,” noted Jean-Christophe Founder, CTO at IDEMIA.

In addition to its outstanding performance in passenger simulation, IDEMIA has maintained the top spot in the NIST FRVT ranking since its first publication in late March 2021, boosting the confidence and reliability of its facial recognition solutions at both government and corporate levels. consumers.

The results of the full NIST Facial Recognition Provider (FRVT) test can be viewed here: Facial Recognition Provider Test (FRVT) Part 7: Identification for Paperless Travel and Immigration (

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