High COVID positivity rate forces some Mizos to wear masks even at home – The New Indian Express


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GUWAHATI: With Mizoram continuing to record a high rate of Covid-19 positivity, part of the state’s population has started wearing a mask even at home.

State Health Minister R Lalthangliana said the positivity rate was less than 10% on Thursday. He said that by joining the government’s “Campaign for All Masks”, part of the families began to wear a mask at home.

“We have adopted certain strategies, including the All Mask campaign, to fight Covid. The campaign is taking place in all districts. Hopefully the situation will improve in the coming days,” said the minister.

“We said that except when they are not eating, people should wear a mask. But it is very difficult to control if they wear it at home. We take help from the media to raise awareness,” a- he added.

Lalthangliana said some people do not have dinner together at home to maintain physical distance.

He said the youth organization ‘Young Mizo Association’ and various religious organizations were playing an important role in raising awareness. He said the government was working in tandem with NGOs, the village and local task forces it formed and other bodies to jointly fight the pandemic.

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Recently, official sources attributed the high positivity rate to aggressive testing, mass testing and contact tracing.

“We are actively searching for cases through contact tracing. There are mass tests covering all members of each locality. We don’t want to miss a single focus,” Dr Pachuau Lalmalsawma, who is the officer state hub for integrated disease surveillance. program, had said The new Indian express.

After visiting different parts of the state, a four-member multidisciplinary core team provided the necessary advice to the government.

The landlocked state, which has a population of just 11 lakh, had 10,768 active cases as of Wednesday. More than 1.03 lakh of people have recovered from the disease.

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