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A celebration of Mexican Independence Day on Saturday September 25, will honor the history of the North Redlands region and its people while working to preserve the past.

Mario Saucedo said he and other organizers couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the bicentenary of Spain recognizing the independence of Mexico while also giving “the community the opportunity to come together to celebrate, number one, our cultural heritage, for us Mexican-Americans who have been here, using the holidays as a focal point.”

This photo of the Casa Loma Hotel, on the northeast corner of Colton Avenue and Orange Street in Redlands, dates from around 1920. The name of the hotel was changed from Nichewaug to Casa Loma in December 1920 and the hotel retained that name until it became a University of Redlands dormitory in 1939. (Courtesy AK Smiley Public Library Heritage Room)

The Common Vision Coalition is co-sponsoring the event with the Redlands Police Department and AK Smiley Public Library.

The history of North Redlands, Saucedo added, is sometimes eclipsed, but events like this aim to fix that.

“Much of the history of families and the history of the community has not been widely documented,” he said. For many reasons, he added, “families have not been able to document their history, but they do have their history in oral form, or just in their own family’s archives with photos.”

Organizers invite community members to bring their photos and stories from North Redlands to share at the event to help preserve them.

Saucedo said knowing the history of the area should bring great pride to members of the community.

Many families can trace their roots there to the turn of the century, and the contributions of the North Redlands community have added to the “economic vitality” of the town, he said.

“Our community was very large at the time,” he added, noting that the area had the Wyatt Opera House, the Terrace Villa Hotel and, as a flagship, the grand Casa Loma hotel on the corner of Colton Avenue and Orange. Street which was visited by three American presidents.

There is also a lot of history surrounding schools, churches, festivals and other cultural gatherings, Saucedo said.

“We want to try to recount these events that happened in the past and try to put some of these pieces together to try to get a clearer picture of our history,” he said.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 25 at the Redlands Community Center, 111 West Lugonia Ave.

For more information, contact Saucedo at or 951-533-4439.

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