Guardians of the Galaxy gives MCU army a new leader and dangerous ally


While the last annihilation may be over, a villainous new alliance has been established – and they’ve already acquired an MCU army.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 18, on sale now

The Last annihilation has been an explosive battle across the galactic section of the Marvel Universe, bringing together members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, heroes of Wakanda, and Agents of Krakoa in a massive battle against a major Marvel threat. But along the way, some serious villains cemented their own alliances.

One of the surprise winners of Last annihilation is Sister Talionis in guardians of the galaxy # 18 by Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, Federico Blee and Cory Petit of VC, the Skrull Priestess who helped spark the event and was secretly working with a completely different villain throughout – and in the process, won her own army fearsome who has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an attempt to accomplish her mission.

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Last Annihilation Doctor Doom Skrull 2

At the beginning of Last annihilation, the Guardians of the Galaxy were investigating a distant world known as the Cauldron, which had become a makeshift home for the Brothers of the Forgotten Flame. There, they witness the resurgence of an ancient Skrull belief system centered around mystical forces. Led by their priestess sister Talionis, the gathered crowd sacrificed themselves in an effort to strengthen the Ego the living planet nearby, allowing her to transform into a host of Dormammu. The danger posed to all of creation was paramount, but luckily the cosmic heroes of the Marvel Universe were able to unite and ultimately find a way to not only defeat him, but also send him back to the Dark Dimension (and apparently kill Ego in the process).

However, it seemed like that was the plan from the start, with Sister Talionis now establishing herself as a dark counter to Emperor Hulking of the Kree / Skrull Alliance. In the aftermath of the Universal Battle with Dormamu, it turns out that she still had an ulterior motive: to work with Doctor Doom. He always aided the Guardians (albeit with a cruel advantage over his “generosity”), and proved to be a crucial player in Dormammu’s ultimate defeat by cutting off his magical reserves of power just as the other Guardians were moving. Once the fight is won, Doom speaks with Sister Talionis about the homeworld of the Chitauri, where the final spell has been ended, and Doom proclaims her the new queen of the alien armada.

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Last Annihilation Doctor Doom Skrull 1

The Chitauri as they exist now are largely inspired by their MCU incarnation of Avengers, a powerful army that could give a good leader a major advantage in cosmic battles. It turns out that Talinois had always worked with Doom, and the long game had always been to summon Dormammu (accomplished by Talionis manipulating masses of rebellious Skrulls to charge his return) so that Doom could steal that mystical power for him- same. In return, he sees Talionis and his new army as allies for future purposes – and the pair agree to reunite again after both fulfilling their true mission of conquering their respective species.

This makes Talionis a real threat to the peace in the galaxy and indicates that she is far more of a cunning enemy than she initially appeared. By cementing her alliance with Doom, she has prepared herself to become a more dangerous figure in the future of the Marvel Universe. And with the Chitauri army behind it, it could become a real threat to the peace brought by the Kree / Skrull Alliance. While she has to face all of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s clear Talionis can be patient – and could be patient again.

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