GT Independence appoints Holly Carmichael CEO


During Holly carmichael as COO, GT Independence more than doubled the number of stand-alone participants it serves and maintained a customer satisfaction rate of over 96%. Today, GT Independence manages more $ 350 million in Medicaid funds related to financial management and support brokerage services for long-term self-managed services and supports. The company is a leading provider of FMS in the United States, serving more than 22,000 people in 12 states.

“As I look to the future of GT’s independence and self-reliance, I can’t think of someone more qualified to lead the company,” said Jean Carmichael. “Holly embodies GT Independence’s mission and values. She understands the nuances and complexities of the industry and the critical role that self-reliance plays in enabling people of all ages and abilities to lead independent lives. knows the range better than anyone and is equipped to propel the GT and the autodirection forward. “

After co-founding and spending 17 years overseeing the development of GT Independence, from startup to national FMS leader, Jean Carmichael will now be the president of GT. In this role, he will focus on strategic partnerships and growth initiatives for GT Independence while aiming to transform the broader healthcare landscape and boost economic development in his hometown of Sturgis, Michigan. Jean Carmichael worked closely with Holly carmichael over the past few years to ensure that this transition would result in a transparent and thoughtful leadership change.

“I am honored to lead GT Independence and to continue our advocacy for autonomy,” said Holly carmichael. “As a mother of children with disabilities, I know how frustrating and isolated it can be whenever you have to fight for basic rights, freedoms and accessibility. At GT, our goal is to ensure that autonomy is available to all who use the home – and community services.

Holly carmichael continued, “When people can live in their own homes and communities, have choice and control over who helps them with the support they need, and have the accessibility to fully participate, our communities are better. Self-directed long-term services and supports help provide better outcomes for individuals, save health care costs, and give people the freedom to live the lives of their choice. As CEO of GT Independence, I look forward to continuing John’s legacy and expanding autonomy across the United States. ”

Throughout his life, Holly carmichael has been an advocate for self-determination. She is dedicated to ensuring inclusion and helping people live life to the fullest, regardless of their age or ability. She serves as a resource for decision-makers and health leaders exploring ways to improve supports and outcomes for people with disabilities and long-term care needs. She is a member of the Applied Self-Direction Government Policy Executive Think Tank and a member of the board of directors of CDG CARE and Maggie’s PMM2-CDG Cure LLC, which is named after her daughter Maggie.

About GT Independence
GT Independence’s mission is to help individuals live their lives according to their own vision, regardless of their age or abilities. With years of experience in self-managed care, GT helps people run their own home and community services by administering the financial, technical and legal aspects of hiring and managing their own support staff. Founded in 2004, GT is a national provider of family financial management services that provides specialized tax intermediary services to support people with disabilities and long-term care needs. GT has expanded from its original state of Michigan to serve over 22,000 people in 12 states. For more information on GT Independence, please visit

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