Former Princess Diana astrologer says Prince Harry is ‘restless’ and will feel ‘uncomfortable’ in 2022


princess dianais old astrologer claims that Prince harry feels “restless” and will continue to feel “uncomfortable” in 2022.

Debbie Frank, who was the Princess of Wales’ astrologer and close confidante, says it will take “years” for the Duke of Sussex to “give up his old life”.

Frank analyzed what 2022 will be like for Harry, who is a Virgo, saying his zodiac sign is anxiety-prone and generally restless.

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Prince Harry would feel “restless” and “uncomfortable” in 2022, according to his mother’s former astrologer. (PA)

“Harry is still going through a major internal process over several years that involves a lot of soul-searching and letting go of his old life,” Frank told Salvation!

“It is a sensitive time for him as a Virgo with a mind that races and is prone to anxiety.”

Frank said that in June when the Queen the famous Platinum JubileeHarry will probably feel “awkward and out of step.”

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Queen Elizabeth with Harry, Meghan, William and Kate at Trooping the Color.
Royal insiders say Harry and Meghan’s presence at the Platinum Jubilee will present ‘inconvenient’ practical challenges. (Getty)

It is reported that the duke wants to be included in the queen’s milestone celebration next year, which will include a four-day public holiday weekend for the British to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70th birthday on the throne.

Since Harry, 37, and Meghan markle, 40, no longer working in the Royal Family, the situation surrounding the Platinum Jubilee celebrations could have practical complexities where the Sussexes are involved.

‘There are now so many questions about what to do with Harry and Meghan,’ a source said The sun.

“Where will they be positioned if they show up? What events can they attend? Will we put them on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the flypast? “

The source said the presence of the Sussexes would be “embarrassing” for the organizers.

In the same way, Prince william and Kate Middleton are expected to fly to the United States in 2022, where Harry and Meghan currently live.

According to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, it’s a “lose-lose situation” for the Cambridges if they decide to accept an invitation to stay with the Sussexes – but he says a happy reunion is unlikely to be on the cards. day.

“If they are invited and they decline, it looks mean and mean. And if they are not invited, it looks mean and mean from the other side,” Sacerdoti said.

“And if they accept such an invitation and something goes wrong, it seems like a bad idea. I don’t really see how that would work.”

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