For the first time since the Independence Center examines 17.78 acres of defensive land using advanced technology

New Delhi, Jan. 9 (PTI) In the first such exercise since independence, the government surveyed 17.78 lakh acres of defensive land using the latest technology such as three-dimensional modeling, drone imagery and satellites.

The Defense Ministry said that the gigantic survey exercise of approximately 1.61 lakh of acres of defense land inside the cantonments and 16.17 lakh of acres outside the cantonments started in October 2018 and is now complete.

“This is a remarkable achievement since, for the first time after independence, the entire defense territory was surveyed using the latest surveying technology,” he said.

The ministry said the sheer scale of land ownership, the location of land in around 4,900 pockets, the land inaccessible in many places and the involvement of various stakeholders made it one of the “biggest” surveys. in India.

He said modern survey technologies such as electronic total station, differential global positioning system as well as drone and satellite imagery were used to ensure “reliable, robust and time-bound” results.

“For the first time, surveying technology based on drone imagery has been used for surveying lakhs of acres of defensive land in Rajasthan. The whole area was inspected with the help of the Surveyor General of India within weeks, which previously took years, ”the ministry said in a statement.

He said a survey based on satellite imagery had been carried out for the first time for many ground pockets of the defense.

“3D modeling techniques for better visualization of defensive lands in hilly areas have also been introduced using the digital elevation model in association with the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC),” he said.

The General Directorate of Defense Domains, which reports to the Ministry of Defense, was the nodal agency of the investigation.

The ministry said out of 17.78 lakh acres, 8.90 lakh acres have been surveyed in the past three months.

“As part of the investigation, a real-time change detection system project based on ‘time series satellite imagery’ for the detection of encroachments on defense land has also been launched,” said the Ministry.

He indicated that a center of excellence (CoE) on surveying and GIS mapping has also been created within the National Institute of Defense Fields Management for the capacity building of those responsible for the fields of defense. defense in the field of the latest surveying technologies.

The CoE aims to be an apex investigative institution capable of providing training at different levels to officials from central and state government departments.

“This massive surveying exercise of nearly 18 lakh acres of defensive land spread across India, which heretofore relied on the fulcrum of Herculean human efforts, is a unique example of harnessing emerging technologies for ‘Land surveying in a short period of time in accordance with central government guidelines focus on “digital India,” the ministry said.

According to records kept by the Defense Estates Offices, the ministry owns land measuring approximately 17.99 lakh acres, of which approximately 1.61 lakh acres are located in the 62 notified cantonments.

About 16.38 acres of lakh are spread over many pockets outside the cantonments.

“Of 16.38 lakh acres of land, about 18,000 acres are either land leased by the state or proposed for deletion due to transfer to other government departments,” the ministry said.

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