Fans think Victoria’s hair is out of control


The young and the restless hit the airwaves almost five decades ago. Back then, showrunners were focused on telling only the stories of the elusive Newman family and the scandals that are akin to every wealthy soap opera family.

Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) and Michael Roark (Travis Crawford) | Sonja Flemming / CBS via Getty Images

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the series has undergone a major overhaul as producers now care a lot about the show’s wardrobe and makeup department. In recent years, fans have loved certain styles and outfits of the characters. However, it seems viewers don’t show the same courtesy to Victoria Newman as fans believe her hair is out of control.

“The Young and the Restless” is the sister of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Long-time fans of Y&R weren’t always enthusiastic about the characters when it came to their wardrobes. The show is set in Wisconsin, which isn’t exactly a fashion hub. However, the show borrowed from its sister show, Love glory and beauty, located in Los Angeles, and part of its central storyline involves a fashion and design company.

B&B debuted on CBS in 1983, a decade after Y&R. Even if B&B focuses on the fashion industry and has proven to fans that he can create one or two stylish outfits, fans disagreed with some of their fashion choices in the past.

While fans are all too aware that the daytime soap opera isn’t grounded in reality, fans expect the series to at least try to make the fashion aspect somewhat believable, given that it is part of their main storyline.

Fans got frustrated when they learned that most of the outfits worn by the characters on the show are not high fashion, but rather unlabeled wardrobe choices. Despite all the backlash B&B received fans regarding their costumes, the show conquered the television industry.

B&B won four Daytime Emmy Awards in 2020, one of the categories being Outstanding Costume Design for a Digital Drama or Drama Series.

Fans hate Victoria’s hair

Victoria has been a fan favorite on The young and the restless for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. It is Victor Newman’s daughter who has to work twice as hard to gain the affection and faith of her father. Fans are keen for her to be named the head of the family business given the hard work she provides and her dedication to the business.

Considering her position and title as a businesswoman, you would expect her to not only dress up the role, but look at it too, hairstyle, makeup and all. However, this is not the case. Victoria has always managed to appear calm and ready at all times, but fans don’t like her hair in the last few episodes.

A fan on Twitter drew attention to the fact that Victoria’s hair usually looks messy, and not stylish. Fans on Twitter think it looks like Victoria isn’t brushing her hair and the messy look isn’t working for her.

Fan frustration is understandable, given that actor who plays Victoria, Amelia Heinle, has plenty of photos on her social media accounts where she looks well put together and her hair is sleek. This illustrates her character’s quirk of not having the same hairstyle given her occupation on the show.

Fans love the summer style

Despite criticism for her wardrobe or lack thereof, some viewers agree that Y&R has improved her style and wardrobe game lately. Love has especially fallen on Summer, whose fans can’t help but rejoice over her latest wardrobe choices. Fans believe Summer’s classic, clean style suits the industry she’s in and looks great, from clothes to hair and makeup.

Hopefully the hair and makeup team will take some notes and do something different with Victoria’s hair.

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