Every American Should Read the Declaration of Independence


I meet so many Americans today who have never read the Declaration of Independence, not even once. It is not good at all. There are four main reasons why anyone who calls themselves American should read the Declaration of Independence at least once a year.

The first reason is by far the most obvious: appreciation. Literature is an art form that evolves over time. The way documents, books and articles were written 250 years ago is different from the way they are written today. The styles are different. The wording has changed. Even the spelling of some words has been changed. Likewise, the way things are written today will most certainly be different 250 years from now. By reading each year one of the main documents that initiated the birth of the United States, not only do we rekindle their passion and love for this country, but we make sure that ancient literature and discourses are preserved throughout the years. generations.

Second, every American should read the Declaration at least once a year for the sake of remembrance. There were specific reasons why we the people broke with the oppressive British Empire. Of these, as stated in the Declaration of Independence itself, “He (King George III) refused to approve useful laws. He interfered with the legitimate legislation of individual settlements. He refused to allow new sovereign political divisions. He called legislative meetings in strange and uncomfortable places.

These are just a few of the many reasons that prompted the colonies to separate. Winston Churchill once said: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What this means to us is that, if we refuse to learn where we came from and why the Revolution began, we can ignore whether something similar will happen again in the future.

The third reason is because of inspiration. There’s a reason why motivational videos and books are so popular in our world today. People like to be motivated and inspired. Although the Declaration of Independence is, in fact, a difficult document to read, it is inspiring. As an article by journalist Marvine Kane says, “(I read the Declaration of Independence) mainly because I find the document so inspiring.

The fourth and final reason is our duty as Americans. Former President Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than a generation from extinction. We did not pass it on to our children through the blood. It must be fought, protected and transmitted for them to do the same. One of the ways we can pass our freedoms on to the next generation is to read them, one of the documents that make up the great story from which we come as Americans. In this way, young Americans will grow in love for the country they come from.

While most of us will never see the battlefield and never physically fight to protect our freedoms, we can make sure that these freedoms that are so dear to us are passed on to the next generation and to the generations that will follow in doing this simple thing – read the Declaration of Independence at least once a year with our families.

In conclusion, for the four reasons mentioned, it is imperative that every American read this foundational document frequently.

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