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The Turkish president said Ankara was willing to work with the Taliban if the armed group formed a more inclusive government.

The Taliban’s current approach and their interim government are not inclusive, but Turkey is willing to work with them if the armed group forms a more inclusive government, President Tayyip Erdogan said.

NATO member Turkey worked with Qatar to operate Kabul airport for international travel after the Taliban seized power and the withdrawal of foreign countries from Afghanistan.

Turkey praised the Taliban’s initial messages, but said it would assess its engagement and recognition of the group based on their actions.

“Looking at the Taliban’s approach at this time, unfortunately, inclusive and all-embracing leadership has not been formed,” Istanbul-based broadcaster Haberturk told reporters Erdogan after attending the United Nations General Assembly. At New York.

Taliban say they want international recognition and financial help to rebuild war-torn country, but composition of new Taliban government poses dilemma for many countries [File: Social Media/via Reuters]

“At the moment, there are only a few signals [about] the possibility of some changes, that there can be a more inclusive atmosphere within the leadership, ”Erdogan said.

“We haven’t seen that yet. If such a step can be taken, then we can move on to discussing what we can do together. “

Erdogan’s comments came after Turkish Ambassador to Kabul Cihad Erginay met with Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.

Erginay said on Twitter that he pledged “Turkey’s continued support to the Afghan people and its commitment to strengthening our historic ties.”

Earlier this month, the Taliban appointed veteran extremists to an all-male cabinet.

The Taliban presented the cabinet as a caretaker government, suggesting changes were still possible, but did not say whether there would be election day.

International recognition

Neighboring Pakistan, a close ally of Turkey, is also among countries calling on the Taliban to establish an inclusive government.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a Twitter post that he “has engaged in dialogue with the Taliban for an inclusive Afghan government including the Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks”.

The Taliban have said they want international recognition and financial help to rebuild the war-torn country, but the makeup of the new Taliban government poses a dilemma for many countries.

Several of the acting ministers are on the UN blacklist of international “terrorists and terrorist funders”.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan last month after their resounding victory on the battlefield, capturing more than a dozen provincial capitals in less than two weeks.

This is the second time that the Taliban have ruled Afghanistan.

Their first reign, from 1996 to 2001, ended when they were deposed by a US-led coalition after the September 11 attacks.


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