Duval’s COVID test positivity drops to 10%; Vaccination rate plateaus


Duval County’s COVID test positivity rate fell to 10% last week, the lowest rate in nearly three months. The county-wide positivity rate is approaching the 8% threshold set by the Duval County School Board for the removal of the mask mandate of students in the district.

The Florida Department of Health’s latest weekly COVID data report also shows that the smallest number of people have been vaccinated last week in Duval County since mid-July – only around 5,000 people. Sixty-one percent of residents 12 and older are now vaccinated countywide.

Although the vaccination rate is stagnant, Baptist Health stopped reporting the daily number of COVID patients on Monday, as the hospital chain said it was seeing a steady decline in the number of patients. As of Friday, 174 adults had been hospitalized with COVID at Baptist’s five hospitals, as well as nine children with COVID at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Miami-Dade County has the highest vaccination rate in the state, 90 percent, as well as the lowest positivity rate for new cases last week, less than 6 percent.

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