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Life is messy. Sometimes it’s a small mess, and other times the mess permeates every aspect of our lives. The bigger the mess, the more despair we feel.

“It’s obvious when our offices are messy,” said Dr. Beth Plachetka, LCSW, EdD and owner of Safe Harbor Counseling. “How do we know when our lives have gotten messy? Our thoughts, words and actions let us know.

According to Dr. Beth, when life is messy, we avoid talking about anything important, including finances, relationships, ideas, and beliefs. “Our decisions follow the crowd; acting independently is too stressful and we fear being attacked for our ideas,” she explained. “Our conversations focus on people. We judge ourselves by comparison with others, concluding that we are wrong.

Mess indicates that it is time to pay attention. “When our desks are messy, we sift through papers, files and crumbs to determine what is of value,” Dr Beth added. “We purge, prioritize and organize; then we can breathe and move on. When life gets messy, it’s time to sort through values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Then purge, prioritize and organize so we can move forward and breathe freely.

Disorder is evident at expected transition points: change in grade in school, change in family roles and work roles, even a transition in society. How do we clean up the clutter in our lives? Socrates said that a life worth living requires examination.

“Check your values, the beliefs you hold dear,” Dr. Beth said. “Values-based choices are those we make despite the consequences. Do your words, actions, choices and judgments reflect your values? Prioritize your values ​​over acceptance, then align your actions, choices, and judgments with your values.

After celebrating Independence Day, consider that nothing is more un-American than despair. The United States is one of the few near-perfect places to live and grow up. We have the freedom to reflect deeply, examine ourselves and our lives, and make changes.

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