Daily tally drops to 18,000, 10-day low, with 27.9% positivity | Latest Delhi News

Delhi’s Covid-19 test positivity rate fell for the first time in nearly four weeks on Sunday as new infections in the city fell for the third day in a row, data released by the Delhi government showed. ‘State.

Delhi added 18,286 Covid-19 cases on Sunday, down from 20,718 the day before, and the fewest in a day since January 7, when the city recorded 17,335 infections.

The data showed that 28 people also died from the infection.

The spike in cases on Sunday came following just over 65,000 tests, with 27.87% of samples yielding positive results. That number, known as the test positivity rate, rose from 30.6% on Friday and Saturday and, day by day, fell for the first time since December 23 last year. Since then, this number has increased or stayed the same every day.

Admittedly, testing has also plummeted in Delhi over the past few days, dropping from over 105,000 tests on January 12 to 98,832 tests the next day, then 79,758 on Friday, 67,624 on Saturday and finally 65,621 on Sunday. The state’s health minister, Satyendar Jain, however, said all residents of the city who are required to take a test are being tested.

The figures come even as the number of hospitalizations in the capital remains a fraction of all infections, with more than 82% of all beds free in medical facilities across the city.

According to the government bulletin on Sunday, just over 2,700 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized, leaving 12,788 of the city’s 15,499 beds free.

Of those hospitalized, 738 are in intensive care units and another 835 need medical oxygen assistance, including 123 on ventilators.

Jain said most hospitalized Covid-19 patients are unvaccinated or have comorbidities.

“The trend indicates that the number of cases in Delhi is decreasing, but the government is still closely monitoring the Covid cases, and it will take some time to understand the trend. Most people affected by Covid and admitted to hospital are unvaccinated or have comorbid conditions,” Jain said at a press briefing.

The minister said the Delhi government is ready to operationalize a total of 37,000 Covid-19 beds. “We can double the number of beds overnight if necessary, but as the number of hospitalized patients is currently so low, the need to increase the number of beds does not seem to arise,” he said.

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