Conner Floyd talks about adapting to Soap Opera concert


The young and the restless newcomer Conner Floyd makes his debut this week. Floyd reprizes the role of Chance Chancellor, who fans learn is alive and well. Being a major character and in a big story was scary for the actor, but Floyd says he’s adjusting well to his soap opera gig.

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“The Young and the Restless” Newcomer Conner Floyd Adapts to Chancellor Role

Floyd’s previous work includes independent films such as Malicious motives. However, the actor never had a major role on television. But that all changed when The young and the restless present it as the New Chance.

Floyd was surprised when he started filming. In an interview with Collection of serials, the actor referred to his first scenes as Chance. “I was able to put myself in place, the director welcomed me and plunged me into the deep end. There were a lot of explanations [from Chance] about what was going on, so that was a mouthful.

The actor learns firsthand the production schedule loaded with soap operas. Still, Floyd says he’s adjusting quite well to The young and the restless. “I definitely put my feet under my feet. The first few weeks were crazy, but I feel like I understand and find my rhythm, ”he explained.

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Conner Floyd says co-star Melissa Ordway has been a big help

Floyd’s new role at The young and the restless is doing well so far, and he made a new friend in Melissa Ordway. Ordway plays Abby Newman, Chance’s wife, and read lines with Floyd during his audition. Floyd says Ordway slipped him details about the character, which helped him pass the audition.

The two have already hit it off and Floyd calls Ordway his “mom on the set.” Ordway helped introduce Floyd to other castmates and helped him lead lines. Floyd says that the proximity of The young and the restless casting is one of the perks of the job.

“The fact that I can get off the streets and feel at home is phenomenal and all you want in a job. I am delighted to be surrounded by all this talent and to immerse myself as much as possible with these seasoned veterans, ”he explained.

Chancellor and Abby Newman reunite

The young and the restless fans will finally be able to see Chance on screen again. After Abby refuses to believe Chance is dead, she flies to Spain to seek answers. Abby’s hunch about Chance is right when Kim Dunaway (Roxanne Hart) confirms he’s alive. Chance then enters the living room, where he and Abby kiss.

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Chance explains his injuries in the bombing and apologizes for making everyone believe he was dead. Abby is ready to bring her husband back to Genoa City; however, he tells her that he cannot go. Chance has unfinished business and wants to track down the man who killed his colleagues.

As expected, Abby will be against the idea, leading to a disagreement with her husband. So the high-profile reunion with Chance and Abby has already had a rocky start.


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