Conner Floyd and his Young & Restless girlfriend attend wedding getaway

“There’s no party like a Floyd/Noonan party, because a Floyd/Noonan party doesn’t stop!”

Young and restless’ Conner Floyd took the time to play the emotionally charged role of Chance Chancellor, who battles PTSD following an outburst while also trying to bond as a family with his wife Abby and their new son , Dominic, to return to his country of origin. from Texas for a family reunion. And if we trust his photos on social networks, it was a very good moment!

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Floyd, along with girlfriend Carly Frei, attended a family wedding in Fort Worth, and they looked amazing dressed brand new for the special event. It’s clear from the photo dump that Floyd was thrilled to be back in the fold to create memories. Among the fun photos, which included posing behind bars and in a cowboy hat, Floyd explained, “There’s no such thing as a Floyd/Noonan party, because a Floyd/Noonan party doesn’t don’t stop!!” See for yourself! (Click the arrow on the side of the Instagram post to browse the photos).

While it was “Kendall and Pat’s” wedding, Floyd and Frei, who runs a mobile tanning company called Glow Boss, made an exceptionally good-looking couple themselves. She shared a different photo of them posing at the event on her social media page. Youhoo! We think Abby and Chance should have a re-engagement ceremony because he looks good in costume!

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What do you hope will happen in Chance’s story? Let us know in the comments section after browsing through photos of Jacqueline Wood’s hottest red carpet looks in the gallery below.

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