Congress leader Rahul attacks government for ‘sectarianism and cronyism’ | India News

NEW DELHI: In a merciless attack on the government, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi stressed on Sunday that “hatred and anger” had risen sharply under the prime minister and alleged that the RSS-BJP combination was fueling bigotry as part of a deliberate strategy to quietly shift profits to ” two industrialists”. Congress and other opposition parties will together defeat the RSS-BJP ideology, he said.
He said while Narendra Fashion is the Prime Minister, he cannot be without “those two industrialists”, who control the media and work for Modi, then reap the benefits of the government.
“This country does not belong to two industrialists, it belongs to the poor people of India,” he said.
The no-name business duo appeared as the refrain of Gandhi’s offspring’s speech at the Congress’ “Mehengai Par Halla Bol” rally on Sunday at the Ramlila Maidan in the nation’s capital, through which they painted a picture of “the rise bigotry and cronyism” he said is hollowing out the country and impoverishing the masses.
“India’s condition is such that even if the country wishes, it cannot provide jobs for its youth. Jobs are not created by these two industrialists, but by MSMEs and farmers, whose kidneys were broken by Modi. Unemployment will get worse in the future… If there had not been MGNREGA given by the UPA, the country would have been on fire,” he warned, adding that “the fear of the future” leads to increasing levels of hatred and anger.
Rahul, flanked by the young and old Congress leadership, was the key speaker, who outlined the party’s future roadmap, of which the five-month, 3,500km Bharat Jodo Yatra starting Wednesday is the main pillar. It was in explaining the Yatra’s raison d’etre that he launched the most virulent attack on the BJP regime.
Rahul said the media “controlled by these two industrialists” does not show the truth about massive inflation, unemployment, farmers’ problems and the Chinese invasion, while the opposition is not allowed to raise these questions in parliament by the Modi government, which has also “terrorized” the constitutional institutions such as the judiciary and the electoral commission.
“The opposition has no alternative. He has only one option – to go straight to the masses and tell them the reality,” he said, with raucous approval from the rally at the historic Ramlila Maidan.
In a stern tone, Rahul said, “Modi is setting the country back, he is spreading hate, fear and the country is suffering. This can only benefit China, Pakistan and the enemies of India… How can inflation, unemployment, hatred strengthen any country?
The rally emerged as an attempt to reposition Congress as the BJP’s main rival, after recent setbacks, internal turnover and an unresolved leadership issue. Rahul chose to present his manifesto to fight the Modi-led BJP, which he has often complained about not being embraced by the rest of the leadership. The focus was on “hate” and “cronyism” and an amplified focus on the “aam aadmi” history of Congress. Along with Kanyakumari-Kashmir Yatra, the Delhi rally was touted by party strategists as steps to project Congress as aware of the political challenge ahead.
While much of what Rahul said was a repeat of his old attack sheets, it was significant as he will be part of the five-month narrative Congress and its leaders will spread in intensive mass contact across the yatra.
Rahul said the BJP and RSS deliberately stoked fear in the country. “Who profits from this anger and hatred… All of its profit has been mopped up by two industries, be it ports, airports, roads, cellphones, oil,” he said.
Again blaming Modi for “using investigative agencies” against the opposition and activists, Rahul said he too was interrogated for 55 hours. “But I want to say to Modi, whether you make me sit at the ED desk for 55 hours or five years, I’m not afraid of your ED. Every Indian must work to protect India, the constitution, the soul of the country. If we don’t, then this country will not survive,” he said. Thanking Congress workers, he said, “Only you can save the country.”
He said UPA gave massive loan waivers, land acquisition law and programs like MGNREGA, right to food, while Modi gave ‘black’ agricultural laws and called the “insult to the poor” job guarantee program. “UPA lifted 27 crores out of poverty, and Modi in eight years pushed 23 crores back into poverty,” he said.
Rahul said the note-bandi (demonetization) took money away from the poor in the name of fighting black money, but later the loans from the biggest companies were cancelled.

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