Coaching female entrepreneurs, leading with positivity to help female entrepreneurs clarify their purpose, positivity and planning

“Get more ideal clients through clarity of purpose, mindset, and fierce goal execution,” Abbey Dyer-Amonette of Lead with Positivity

Lead with positivity continues its efforts to help women entrepreneurs build successful businesses online. Through 1:1 coaching sessions from concept to clarity, women entrepreneurs can navigate their business journey from idea to customer attraction and retention.

According to Abbey Dyer-Amonette, a certified life coach and female entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, the digital space is full of opportunities for women to tap into. Through her company, Lead with Positivity, Abbey helps women in digital find their footing and build strong businesses by focusing on mindset, goal execution, and purpose.

The biggest challenge most people face in the digital space is attracting their ideal customers and keeping them interested in their brand. With guidance from Lead with Positivity, women creating online businesses have a rich source of information on how to get their ideal clients by clarifying business and personal goals. After being an entrepreneur for 10 years and a coach and mentor at a Fortune 100 company for more than two decades, Abbey discovered the importance of purpose, positivity and planning. “I believe the world needs more women-owned businesses, and I’m on a mission to help make the next YOU.”

Lead with Positivity encompasses various aspects of female entrepreneur coaching, strategy sessions, group coaching, one-on-one sessions, virtual workshops, and even mini-courses. By diving into Lead with Positivity’s three fundamental coaching and mentoring pillars, “let’s partner together to find who you are meant to serve and your true purpose. Create a personalized formula to help you maintain a mindset of And develop a 30-day action plan for fierce goal execution.

Women interested in digital business can sign up for Lead with Positivity’s range of services, from a Lead with Positivity Facebook group which organizes discussions around entrepreneurship in the digital space. Lead with Positivity also offers 15-minute connect sessions, 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions, and a digital business starter kit that covers critical areas for building a successful digital business.

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