Chelsea and Rey had a secret affair

Y&R spoilers reveal Chelsea Lawson plans to stay in Genoa City for a while after feeling bland at first. When she recently bumped into Sharon Rosales and Rey Rosales at Crimson Lights, we noticed an odd vibe between Rey and Chelsea as she made amends with Sharon.

Y&R spoilers speculation: a case to remember

Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) seems to have a soft spot for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). However, when we saw the two flirting a bit on Anita Lawson’s (Catherine Bach) crush on Rey, there seemed to be a little more than that between the two of them. He seemed eager to forgive and forget, but he also seemed a little nervous.

Of course, Rey could sympathize with Chelsea as he also saw what happened between Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Sharon (Sharon Case). However, we believe their bond runs deeper than their mutual concern over Adam and Sharon or crush Chelsea’s mom.

The vibe between Rey and Chelsea indicates yet another off-screen moment that viewers know nothing about. We believe that while Rey kept Chelsea safe when she stayed with Anita, he and Chelsea ended up sleeping together.

It might not seem like something Rey would do, but the Y&R spoiler has teased in the past that he ended up falling in love with Sharon while he still had a wife, so that’s not completely out of the picture. his character. Given his frustration with Sharon and Adam’s situation, we could see how he could have found comfort from the other person who felt betrayed by it.

Young and restless: future complications

Now that Chelsea are back, we suspect she and Rey may be secretly resuming their affair. It might not be intentional, but something will happen and they will eventually succumb to their attraction again. In an interesting twist, what if Chelsea got pregnant?

It would certainly complicate Rosales’ marriage, especially since Rey wants children but realized that Sharon felt part of her life was behind her. Who would he choose? Would Sharon even give him the choice? Do you think this speculation could happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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