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Liz Truss’s chances of winning the Tory leadership have reached their highest level since the start of the campaign.

Our chart, updated every hour, shows you an aggregation of odds collected from various bookmakers, tracking the chances of contestants winning the competition in real time.

Bookmakers rate the Foreign Secretary’s chances of winning at nearly 90% after receiving key endorsements.

Penny Mordaunt is the latest – and one of the most prominent – Tory MPs to back Ms Truss, after Nadhim Zahawi endorsed her in The Telegraph. Ms Truss has also secured support from Tom Tugendhat and Ben Wallace.

Candidate ratings The last chance of winning for each candidate, according to the bookmakers

Mr Zahawi, who recently replaced Rishi Sunak as Chancellor, described Mr Sunak’s economic policies as the “catastrophic” option. Mr Tugendhat hailed Ms Truss’ experience in foreign affairs and her tax cuts ‘based on real conservative principles’.

Mr Wallace blamed Mr Sunak for ‘walking out the door’ when he resigned as chancellor. Mr Sunak defended himself against accusations of disloyalty from a House of Conservative members during a raid in Exeter.

The two final candidates will finally be chosen by a vote of around 160,000 Conservative MPs, the results of which will be announced on 5 September.

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