Cases, Positivity Rates Rising Faster Than Vaccination Rates – CBS Miami


MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Although half of the country is fully vaccinated, the delta variant of COVID-19 is swarming the country, especially Florida.

With the release of its weekly issues, the Florida Department of Health reports 134,506 new cases reported in Sunshine State, up more than 24,000 cases from the previous week. The state’s vaccination rate is 63%, up from 61% last week.

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There have also been 175 other newly reported deaths, and the state’s positivity rate for new cases stands at 18.9%, down from 18.1% from the previous week.

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Miami-Dade County’s vaccination rate fell from 78% to 81%.

There were 19,639 new cases reported last week, up more than 4,000 cases from the previous week. It also has a positivity rate of new cases of 12.7%, compared to 12.1%.

In Broward, there were 12,590 new cases last week, up nearly 3,500 from the previous week. Broward’s vaccination rate is 72% and has a new case positivity rate of 15.9%, up from 14.1%.

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Monroe County, with its 72% vaccination rate, added 388 new cases last week, up almost 140 cases from the previous week. He also increased his positivity rate from 16.2% to 21.4%.

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