CarNow ™ collaborates with F&I leader JD Power

Partnership integrates best-in-class F&I presentation solution with Real-Time Retail â„¢ platform

ATLANTA, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CarNow,, the leading automotive digital retail company, and JD Power, a global leader in consumer data analytics and intelligence and a leading supplier auto finance and insurance (F&I) software used by auto dealers nationwide, today announced a strategic alliance that integrates JD Power’s market-leading F&I presentation solution with the CarNow real-time retailing.

JD Power’s direct integration with the CarNow platform gives car buyers online access to the JD Power F&I product overview menu. CarNow’s industry-first real-time retail platform unifies the buyer’s online activity with the in-store experience. CarNow enables dealers to view and serve buyers in “real time” as they interact with a dealership’s virtual or physical showroom. Improve the customer buying process without disrupting the existing dealership process.

“This alliance is an important step forward in the evolution of dealer-customer interaction, and a victory for our dealers and consumers who demand a user-friendly and accurate F&I shopping experience. JD Power helps CarNow keep this promise. Today’s automotive retail shopping experience frustrates consumers because there are too many points where communication with the dealership or transaction accuracy breaks down and starts again. These failures lengthen the process, disrupt the flow of information and weaken the transition from the in-store experience. Our platform solves that, ”said Andy Park, CEO and Founder of CarNow.

“Consumers want an easy-to-use F&I experience when they move from the web to the dealership, so this integration will provide a seamless transition to the dealership and to our flagship menu app,” said Philippe Battista, President of Concession Technologies at JD Power. “When the capabilities of two companies are shared for the benefit of both dealers and vehicle buyers, this is a remarkable achievement. Dealers will immediately see the benefits and the customer experience will be better than ever.

“The partnership between CarNow and JD Power brings America closer to the smooth, streamlined process that many consumers want to experience when buying a car. While most digital retail platforms are nothing more than glorified lead generation tools. CarNow continues to innovate, getting dealerships much closer to delivering the “start-to-sign” omnichannel experience. Said Andy Wright, managing partner at Vinart dealerships.

The partnership will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

About CarNow

CarNow is the market leader in digital retail solutions for the automotive industry. CarNow creates frictionless real-time business software solutions to facilitate the transaction between dealers and consumers. Through our solutions, buyers receive enhanced virtual showroom services, live support anytime, anywhere, delivered to them on any device. With 5,000 dealer customers and over twenty OEM certifications, CarNow is one of the fastest growing automotive companies. CarNow is headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at

About JD Power

JD Power is a global leader in consumer information, advisory services, data and analytics. A pioneer in the use of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic modeling capabilities to understand consumer behavior, JD Power has for more than 50 years provided incisive industrial intelligence on customer interactions with brands and products. The world’s largest companies in major industries trust JD Power to guide their customer-centric strategies.

JD Power has offices at North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more about the company’s business offerings, visit or


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