Capitalizing on opportunity, positivity, to propel the Mohawk Valley forward


Raymond J. Durso, Jr.,

They say the unexpected is to be expected, but no one expected the Covid-19 pandemic and how the events of the past 16 months have turned our lives upside down and changed the way we live.

Certainly, life was already full of stress and challenges before the coronavirus reached the United States. But when this happened, we were forced to change our conduct and had to adhere to many restrictions and limitations.

The Mohawk Valley is blessed with thousands of quality healthcare workers and first responders and we are very fortunate to have them here. We admire their dedication to our personal well-being and thank them for their selfless service to our community. Our thoughts continue to be with all of those whose lives have been touched, and even lost during this difficult time.

Looking ahead, this is a promising time for the Mohawk Valley region. New developments, new businesses and new jobs are upon us. I believe our community should stay focused on “opportunities”. Webster defines opportunities as “a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.” I agree with that and I also think it is important to have a positive attitude. With a positive attitude and a smart action plan, our region can overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic.

If you are looking for guidance in this time of crisis, who better than one of the most inspiring women of all, who has overcome more than most of us could ever imagine? Helen Keller has always been someone we have admired. If anyone can teach us to overcome obstacles, it is her. Keller said, “Always remember during tough times that just because you might be in pain, other people always have bigger problems than you. In addition, the character is really developed during difficult times, not easy. It might not sound like fun, but it makes you a better person if you have a positive attitude. “

Right now, I believe our region has a plethora of opportunities to build on and to help us overcome any challenge. Just look at the stability of some of our local industries, such as education (K-12 and colleges), healthcare, agribusiness, banking and finance, insurance … and the emerging nanotechnology and semiconductor industry. The Genesis Group supports these industries and has already established committees and projects in several of these areas. I think there are new opportunities here that we can capitalize on. I invite you to join us.

Another key element that is important for growth is collaboration and partnerships. Simply put, we need to get everyone to work together to move our community forward. As the saying goes … together everyone accomplishes more (team). For many years, the Genesis Group has preached that we are a much stronger region when we work together. You can see how important unity and cooperation is.

The Genesis Group brings together individuals and organizations dedicated to adaptive leadership. Genesis will continue to be a trusted voice that advocates and partners with those seeking positive transformation. Now in its 21st year of service in the Mohawk Valley region, The Genesis Group offers its own opportunities to help create a positive impact. Genesis is your source for news and information, views and opinions, community projects, regional events and is home to “The New Genesis Center” for data analysis.

When determining a way forward, we must keep in mind that life can change in a minute, just like it did last year. As this tumultuous time draws to a close and remains in control, let us respectfully remember those who have been lost, while celebrating the blessings that remain and look forward to new opportunities and better days to come.

Raymond J. Durso, Jr., is President and CEO of The Genesis Group.

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