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ISLAMABAD: A drop was observed in the Covid-19 positivity ratio in the capital on Monday as it fell to 3.8 pc with 128 people having contracted the virus.

The positivity ratio was recorded at 4.4 pc on Sunday. However, three people lost their lives due to the disease in Rawalpindi district while the positivity ratio was recorded at 5.6 pc and 51 new cases appeared. The deceased have been identified as Habib Ullah (95) from Amanabad, Mohammd Bin Yameen (57) from Saidpur Road and Naseem Akhtar (57) from New Mohanpura.

Officials in the capital’s administration said the number of positive cases had declined in the capital over the past three days. No less than 191 and 203 positive cases were reported on Sunday and Saturday, respectively.

In the past 24 hours, 3,312 tests were carried out in the capital, officials said, adding that 27 cases were reported in the 20-29 age group, followed by 24 in the 30-39 age group. , 16 each in the 10-19 years old, 40-49 years old and 50 years old. -59, 14 in 0-9, seven in 60-69, six in 70-79 and two in 80 and over.

Likewise, 13 cases were reported in Bhara Kahu, followed by nine in Lohi Bher, seven in G-9, five each in G-7, G-11, F-11 and Khanna, four each in Tarlai, G-10 , G -6, Chak Shahzad, E-11 and F-6, three each from I-9, I-10 and F-10, two each from F-7 and Chirrah, and one each from Rawat, I-8, G -8, F-8, G-13, Alipur, Koral, Kurri, Model Town, Rawal Town, G-14, H-11, H-12 and Phulgran. The addresses of 27 cases are not known.

There are currently 2,550 active patients in the capital, of which 148 are admitted to hospitals, 130 on oxygen and 18 on ventilators.

The remaining patients are being quarantined in their homes, officials said, adding that 277 patients also recovered in the capital on Monday.

So far, 104,242 residents have contracted the virus and out of a total of 100,788 have recovered, they said, adding that 904 patients infected with the virus have died.

Posted in Dawn, September 21, 2021

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