Bulgaria negotiates gas independence from Russia – EURACTIV.com

Bulgaria will be independent from Russian gas supply and the only issue to be resolved before signing an alternative supply contract is the price, the Bulgarian Democrat MP and deputy chairman of Parliament’s energy committee said on Saturday. , Ivaylo Mirchevon, in front of BNT.

His party has been part of the complex quadruple coalition in power in Bulgaria since December. Currently, Bulgaria is one of the European countries most dependent on Russian gas supplies, with almost 90% of its gas coming from the country.

The gas interconnection with Greece should be operational after July. Thanks to him, Bulgaria will receive sufficient quantities of gas from Azerbaijan to meet its domestic needs.

“Even if Russia stops supplying gas to Bulgaria, other ways of gas supply have already been proposed and the routes are clear. At the moment, the only problem is the price. Moreover, Bulgaria will become a country that will support the supply of natural gas to Western Europe,” Mirchev said.

“I hope that with the joint actions of the European Union by the end of the year, we will get good prices and that this problem will be solved. In this regard, the government is doing its job”, a- he added.

Mirchev announced that the government would soon announce a comprehensive set of economic measures to combat inflation and high prices. These measures will help people who cannot pay their electricity and heating bills.

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