Brytni Sarpy Bond Girl video from Young & Restless, needs a new story from Elena

She definitely has all the right moves!

Every two years, the world gets on edge as a debate erupts over who should slip into James Bond’s well-worn tuxedo next. We? We’ve always been more interested in Bond girls, given that they tend to steal every scene they enter. So when Brytni Sarpy (Elena, The young and the restless) posted an Instagram video in which she sparkles to the theme song of no time to diethe latest in the spy series we sat down and noticed.

The gorgeous black and white video features a shadowy, silhouetted Sarpy. She stands in a circle of light that any Bond fan will immediately recognize as a play on the iconic barrel opening used by the series. And then, as Billie Eilish sings the haunting lyrics to the film’s theme song, Sarpy… well, watch the video below and see for yourself.

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Sarpy’s supporters – who number more than 70,000, by the way – immediately made the connection. “This is amazing!” writes Destinyaib. “Are you auditioning for the next Bond movie? I would pay to see that!”

For his part, Robert Scott Wilson — who played general hospital‘s Dillon during Sarpy’s stint as that soap opera’s Valerie – found a simple ‘fire’ emoji to express her thoughts better than any word.

Of course, we couldn’t help but wonder once again why Young and restless seems to follow in general hospitalby not taking full advantage of Sarpy’s talents. Surely the multi-talented actress deserves a story that involves more than choosing bath mats with handsome Nate…right? If the soap opera isn’t careful, they’ll lose her… if not to the next James Bond than to a primetime show that will give her a better showcase. (Anyone else thinks she’d be perfect as the vixen on one of the current primetime vineyard-based soap operas, Napa Kings Where Promised land? Or maybe a new addition to the cast of Grey’s Anatomy?

Hit the comments with your thoughts on which story Young and restless should be revealing with Elena. Then, since we think not using Sarpy to its full potential is a big mistake, why not check out the gallery below where we take a look at some of the biggest blunders soap characters have made in recent years!

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