Brad Pitt “seeks positivity” despite losses in bitter custody dispute

Brad Pitt “seeks positivity” despite losses in bitter custody dispute

Brad Pitt has reportedly tried to maintain his positive attitude despite the bitter consequences of his hearing on child custody.

This update was highlighted by a source close to the Daily mail and according to their findings, “The situation with the children is still a difficult situation,” the source continued. ‘This sucks. It’s like that. His children mean the most to him. But there are just processes that you have to go through.

The news comes shortly after Pitt’s private judge was ousted from his post due to his relationship with the actor’s legal team.

A call for the same was shared by Jolie who felt that the court had not been informed enough about her connection.

However, Pitt’s attorneys continue to fight back against the call for shared custody, citing him as “effectively upending the constitutionally permitted temporary trial system in California.”

Since it subsequently opens the door to disqualification challenges at any time during the course of a case, even if the party raising the complaint has long been informed of the alleged grounds for disqualification.

Pitt’s attorneys also alleged that Jolie was “made aware of Judge Ouderkirk’s significant work history with Pitt’s attorney from the start,” but has not requested disqualification so far.

“After more than four years of litigation, each day of which has harmed the children and their father, an important and considered custody decision will be entirely annulled following an administrative error which has no relation to the merits of the custody dispute. himself.

Before concluding, they also added: “California law requires a party seeking the recusal of a judge to file a written statement opposing the continuation of the proceedings before the judge” as soon as possible “after the trial. discovery of the facts constituting the ground for challenge. Failure to do so constitutes a waiver or forfeiture of the party’s right to request disqualification.

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