Best Walmart Deals For The Days Apple Deals: AirPods and IPads


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With Amazon Prime Day 2021 in full swing, Walmart has launched its own Deals for Days event which runs for four days and ends on June 23. Unlike Prime Day offers, anyone can take advantage of Walmart’s offers without the need for a subscription.

Some of the hottest Walmart deals feature Apple devices that rarely get such big discounts. We’re talking about deals on AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple TV 4K, and more. But it’s a good idea to act quickly if you see something you like, as the deals are likely to sell.

Apple Prime Day Deals vs Walmart Apple Deals

While Walmart is missing out on some deals – especially in the Mac department – we’ve found that this retailer beats Amazon on pricing when it comes to AirPods Max headphones. Walmart also has a Solo Pro earphone deal that Amazon just doesn’t have. Conversely, the iPad Air is slightly cheaper at Amazon than at Walmart, while Walmart has an iPad Mini deal that Amazon does not. Finally, we suggest that you search for Apple Accessories and Apple TV deals on Amazon, as it simply has more to offer this year.

Best Walmart Deals For The Days AirPods & Beats Headphones Deals

Apple’s AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones available and extremely popular, so any release is sure to generate excitement. Walmart is offering cash on AirPods Pro, AirPods with Charging Case, and the latest AirPods with Wireless Charging Case.

We have a detailed list of the best AirPods if you are having trouble deciding which model to use.

Best Walmart Deals For Days Apple Watch Deals

Topping the list of the best smartwatches, the Apple Watch is a must-have for any iPhone owner. With a wide range of different Apple Watch models, you might want to read our guide to the best Apple Watch in 2021 to make sure you understand what sets them apart and what suits you.

Best Walmart Deals for iPad Days Deals

Whether you’re looking for a laptop replacement, a nice screen for watching movies in bed, or a mobile gaming device, Apple’s iPad line has it covered. You can buy a variety of iPads at a discount from Walmart, including the 2020 iPad Air, iPad mini, 11-inch iPad Pro, and 10.2-inch iPad. If you need help choosing the right Apple tablet for you, check out our guide to the best iPads.

Best Walmart Deals For The Days Apple TV 4K Deals

A solid streaming device can transform your entertainment setup and the Apple TV 4K is one of the best. This small streaming box supports

resolution, Dolby Vision and HDR10 and it’s perfect for accessing your Apple services and purchased content.

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day 2021 started on June 21 and will run until June 22. Prime members can now enjoy non-stop deals on countless products and services during the two-day deals event.

This year’s Prime Day comes just months after Apple announced new iPads, AirTags, colorful iMacs, Apple TV 4K (second gen), and more at its April event. Only the Apple TV 4K goes on sale during Prime Day 2021, but at the very least expect to see deals on older models.

How to buy Apple products

Before you buy new Apple devices on Prime Day, keep in mind that deals tend to focus on previous generation Apple devices more often. For example, a product like the Apple TV 4K (first generation) is more likely to go on sale since the new second generation model just released in May 2021.

When you shop around, keep in mind that Apple has discounted refurbished products on its own website, including previous generations of MacBook Pros, iPhones, and more. Apple’s trade-in program can also give you extra money for a refurbished product, too, when you send your old device to Apple.

For detailed buying advice on how to choose the right Apple product for your needs, see our various Apple device guides and offering summaries:

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