BBC faces backlash over wording of Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘independence’ headline

THE BBC is facing accusations of misleading readers with its headline story reporting comments by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The story at the head of the Scottish section of the BBC Scotland news site reads: ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ will never give up ‘independence’

Speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, the SNP leader was asked about the use of the general election as an independence vote.

She said: “It’s not my preference, but we have to have an alternative.

“If the way by which it would be fair to consider and decide this issue – a legal constitutional referendum – is blocked by Westminster because they fear the democratic choice of the Scottish people, then for me and the SNP the choice is simple. .

“We put the case to the people in an election or we give up Scottish democracy. And I want to be clear today, I will never give up Scottish democracy.”

However, the title of the phrase ”never give up on ‘independence”, rather than what Sturgeon said – never give up on ‘Scottish democracy’ – has drawn criticism online.

MSM Monitor wrote: “BBC Scotland has deliberately misrepresented Nicola Sturgeon’s comments in an interview with Laura Kuenssberg.”

Another user responding to the tweet said, “Is this true? If so, you should immediately correct this deliberate lie and issue a public apology.

The National asked the BBC if it agreed the headline was misleading – but the broadcaster will not comment on the matter.

In response, a spokesperson for MSM Monitor said: “There is no excuse for misrepresenting the Prime Minister’s comments in this way.

“The fact that BBC Scotland refuses to correct the headline or apologize will lead many to conclude that this was a deliberate attempt to mislead.”

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