Barnaby Joyce’s ‘Daddy Moment’: Boys Clearly Restless During Father’s Swearing-In



Australians testified to Barnaby Joyce’s “Daddy Moment” during his swearing-in as Deputy Prime Minister today.

The leader of the National Party was with his partner Vikki Campion and their young sons Sebastian, three, and Thomas, two, with the boys clearly being restless at the official event.

Joyce, 54, took over leadership of the Nationals in a party vote on Monday, replacing Michael McCormack.

Before the formalities began, Joyce held Sebastian while Campion held Thomas before they found their seats, the boys sitting in the front row with their mother while their father stood next to them.

Barnaby Joyce holding his son (Getty)

It was during the ceremony that Sebastian climbed over his mother and approached his father, and pictures of the boys out of their seats and next to their mother are circulating. The assembled crowd were clearly amused by the children’s antics.

Joyce has six children in total, including four daughters from her previous marriage to Natalie Abberfield.

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The couple officially broke up in December 2017 over rumors of an affair with Campion, who was then on the politician’s staff.

In February 2018, it was revealed that Campion was expecting a child with Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce's son
Son of Barnaby Joyce (Getty)

This then included Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling on Joyce to “consider his position” in light of the revelations.

Joyce took a week of personal leave and an investigation found he did not violate the departmental code of conduct.

Barnaby Joyce's sons take the oath
Barnaby Joyce’s sons take the oath (Getty)

Following complaints of sexual harassment against him, which Joyce’s spokesperson called “false and defamatory,” Joyce resigned his post as leader of the National Party and resigned from his ministerial portfolios, moving to the back seat.

Barnaby Joyce son
Son of Barnaby Joyce (Getty)

Her return to her previous post has been described by some as yet another example of the favorable treatment politicians receive over female politicians such as Emma Husar who lose their caregivers as a result of allegations against Husar s ‘being proven to be false. .


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