Ashley Graham’s belly appreciation post is the body positivity we all need to see today

“Hi new belly,” Ashley Graham wrote on Instagram Stories on Wednesday. “You are very different from what I am used to. But I like you. Accompanying a photo of her post-pregnancy belly — faded stretch marks, loose skin and all — the model reminded us all to appreciate our bodies in whatever form they take.


After giving birth to her twins, Roman and Malachi, in January, Graham kept it real on Instagram — just like she did after the birth of her first son, Isaac. Sharing photographs that document the realities of breastfeeding, as well as pregnancy itself and all the feelings, pains, and bodily changes in between, her account isn’t just a great place to visit for a dose of body positivity. , but also for the struggles and incredible realities of motherhood, no matter who you are. Which is comforting to say the least.

Graham joins Selena Gomez publicly celebrates her belly. In August, Gomez posted a TikTok in which she said “real stomachs are coming back,” as she frolicked on a yacht in a floral swimsuit. While as women we so often feel the need to “suck” our stomachs, Gomez let hers do its thing – and she looked sensational.

The message? No matter your shape, size, age, or race, it’s time to start loving yourself and every part of your body, no matter how they look. Selena and Ashley said so.

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