Andre Cisco discusses wanting to be a leader for the Jags in Year 2

The Jacksonville Jaguars will start camp in four days, and there are several players fans can’t wait to hear about. One of those players is safety Andre Cisco, who the team drafted in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The reason Cisco has become a fan favorite is because of his ability to peddle the ball, something the Jags defense desperately needs. The unit only got seven last season, and if the Jags defense wants to make any noticeable progress, that’s got to change.

Unfortunately, Cisco hasn’t been able to help the team much with this issue as he’s only started in the Jags’ last three games. However, he made the most of the starts given to him and the experience helped him in organized team activities as he was one of the players who caught the attention of the staff.

Heading to camp, Cisco told ESPN+ broadcaster Luke Winstel that he plans to play more of a leadership role for the team as it looks like he could be a starter for the Jags upfront this season.

“Yes, I’m looking to be a young leader,” Cisco said. “Someone who truly strives to change the organization and become a winning organization. I think you have [teams] in the league that everyone knows are winning organizations and I want to make Jacksonville one of them. I am happy to be a part of them and I look forward to having a great year for them.

Being a leader is something fans have seen Cisco draft mate Trevor Lawrence do well on the offensive side, and it would be huge to see the former Syracuse safety do the same on defense. There are certainly several players on that side of the ball who can show him the way, like starting safety Rayshawn Jenkins and cornerback Shaquill Griffin, both of whom are also on the secondary unit.

Later in the conversation, Winstel also asked Cisco about the new coaching staff as Doug Pederson was hired in February and brought in several new faces. Cisco said he thought the staff did a great job connecting with the team as many of them played in the NFL and added he was looking forward to his future with the group.

“Yeah, it was a great first impression all through spring and OTAs,” Cisco said. “We have guys who are former players on the defensive end, so they understand the shoes we wear every day and the responsibility and the things we need to do to be able to be ready for game day. I appreciate the guys we have and look forward to working with them.

Cisco finished 2021 with 26 tackles and was able to record a Pro Football Focus rating of 79.5 or higher in two of the three starts it had. With a strong performance in camp, he should be able to add to his rookie success and be the X factor the Jags desperately need in their secondary.

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