Activist to appear in Omaha court arrested in New York, expelled from group


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – One of the leaders of an activist group in Omaha has been kicked out of the organization following news of his out-of-state arrest.

News of Bear Alexander’s arrest in New York came the same day he was scheduled to appear in Omaha court to face charges related to a May protest involving pieces of pork placed at union headquarters in Omaha Police.

Alexander, whose legal name is Alexander Matthews, was one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Action Party in Omaha, protesting for social justice – and against the police.

New York City Police arrested Matthews two days ago on a list of six felony counts, including theft causing bodily harm, assault, strangulation and robbery .

6 News learned that Matthews was in New York City with a 30-year-old – and got into a fight with her in an Uber on Monday morning. He is accused of pushing his head against the wall, causing his nose to bleed.

Investigators said she told detectives he strangled her, threw her to the ground and took her car keys.

Back in Omaha, he was due to appear in Douglas County Court, where the state had negotiated a plea deal to avoid a trial over the May incident.

Investigators said protesters at the police union headquarters were inciting a riot. They left three severed pig heads with police caps in the parking lot. Matthews was fined for obstruction and trespassing.

But Matthews didn’t show up and his lawyer didn’t know why. As a result, the judge issued an arrest warrant against him.

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