A Nightmare On Independence Ave. – IP Goes Pop Halloween Spooktacular


In this scary episode of IP is going pop! Treat yourself to Halloween Intellectual Property (IP). From the disputes surrounding the iconic Halloween mask to the similarities and important differences between some people’s favorite friendly ghost, Casper, and the ghost of the Ghostbusters logo, which you will call but the IP Goes Pop hosts and the shareholders of Volpe Koenig, Michael Snyder and Joseph Gushue?

So grab your flashlight and your ‘fun’ sized treats, as we show you three intellectual property law cases that might scare anyone from checking their forms and contracts twice. We promise you that there are no tips, only treats, in this episode!

IP is going pop!

The author

Michael snyder

Michael Snyder is a shareholder of Volpe Koenig. His natural and engaging approach to presenting alternatives and potential results is genuinely appreciated by clients. He advances their cases with global intellectual property portfolio management, including experience in patent, trademark and copyright lawsuits as well as litigation. Michael also advises and advises his clients on due diligence matters, including intellectual property authorization, licensing and acquisition.

Michael snyder

Joseph Gushue is a shareholder of Volpe Koenig. Clients of all sizes praise Joe’s attention as he helps them monetize their patent portfolios through strategic pursuit of US and foreign patents and participation in licensing programs. Whether the client is a publicly traded company or a private equity firm, Joe advises and assists them with the full range of their intellectual property needs.

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